A Conservative believes in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. The role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems.

We believe our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are the framework for our Republic.

 2018 is the Year!

Hello, Everyone!

Once more, good Conservative people are sick and tired of our “ill fated” state being decimated and need to take action. OR…… Will the names U-Haul, Bekins, Allied, United, Mayflower, and Two Men and a Truck be more important to you?

Many of us have spent years working to save our state and country from the ravages of the “left wing” insanity. It’s distressing to see so little improvement or change as a result of our labor and we are rightfully tired and burned out. Over time we have found that our worst enemy on the road to getting good Conservatives in office who truly believe in Conservative values is the Republican establishment. 

For years we have worked on their campaigns, acquiring petition signatures, gone door to door, and made thousands of phone calls. In return, they do not support our preferred candidates. Money donated on behalf of our preferred candidates may never reach them. Help from the establishment is mostly nonexistent. They treat Conservatives as their real enemy instead of Democrats!

We have been informed the Illinois Republican “Establishment” is shying away from any association with President Trump and suggesting potential candidates do the same during the 2018 cycle. Of course, the “establishment Republicans” will deny this when asked… but just look at Governor Bruce Rauner who still refuses to work on behalf of our REPUBLICAN President! TRUMP SUPPORTERS… your time is here… step up and join us.

Therefore, the Conservative Candidate Network (CCNCommittee has been created to help recruit and elect legitimate Conservatives to office and ensure the constituents that their money and support will be going directly to the candidate of their choice – not wasted on whomever the Republican Party wants to support – by building a “Champion Team”.

The good news is that this plan will not require a huge time commitment. We need to establish ourselves as a force to be reckoned with against both failed Parties in this state for the 2018 election cycle which is gearing up now. 

Here’s how it will work:

  1. We are establishing a network of county coordinators who will assist in recruiting and “vet” candidates who wish to run for state, federal, or county offices. These candidates will fill out a Conservative Candidate Survey (template already established), met with in person to review their views, and if the candidate is applicable, he/she will be given the “stamp of approval”.
  2. Preferred candidates from across the state are then added to the Conservative Candidate Network website with appropriate contact information and donation information, which will go directly to that campaign and not in a general fund.
  3. People will then have a better idea of who they wish to support financially and physically by working directly with the campaign.

This is what we call “Conservatives finally taking control”.

There are no “go-between handlers”. The money goes directly to the candidate and the vetting insures we are putting our money, time, and effort in the right places.

What can you do?  Join the CCN Champion Team to get the Conservative Candidate elected.

  • Volunteer to become a County Coordinator. There are 102 counties and we already have over half the state covered!
  • Encourage ethical people to run for office, as well as precinct committee people, and have them contact us on the Conservative Candidate Network website.
  • We will need volunteers in other capacities. Every volunteer is an important part of the Team effort. Don’t hesitate to make contact.
  • For more information or to get involved, reach out by using one of the forms of contact listed below.
This can be a game changer!
Now is the crucial time to take action!
Join us today!